Greenhouse Gas Measurements

Climate change is here. It is probably the single most important challange for humanity right now. There is a consesus in the research Community that the rise of temperatures in the World is caused by green house gases in the atmosphere. To better understand these processes we need to investigate them further, we need to measure. 

In Situ develops, designs and delivers complete systems for measurement of concentration and fluxes of green house gases in soil, water and air. Our systems indicates how much of the greenhouse gases are absorbed or emitted by different ecosystems, how this is controlled by weather and environment, and how changes and disturbances affect the greenhouse gas balance. Data from our measurement systems are used to improve climate models, report emissions and removals of greenhouse gases and to identify sustainable management strategies for agriculture and forestry.

Our most prominent project included the designing, building and installation of measuring systems at all sites for Sweden ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System).

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