Snow Sensors

Campbell Scientific CS125 Present Weather & Visibility Sensor

The CS125 uses the well established forward scatter system for visibility measurement. A 42° scatter angle gives accurate measurements of fog and snow.

Campbell Scientific PWS100 Present Weather Sensor

A laser-based sensor that measures precipitation and visibility by accurately determining the size and velocity of water droplets in the air.

Campbell Scientific SR50AH Sonic Ranging Sensor with Heater

The SR50AH is a sonic ranging sensor which includes a heater that prevents ice from coating the transducer.

Campbell Scientific CS725 Snow Water Equivalency Sensor

With a measurement area of 50-100 m², the CS725 is an excellent replacement sensor for the traditional snow pillow.

Campbell Scientific SR50A Sonic Ranging Sensor

A rugged acoustic sensor for measuring the distance from the sensor to a target.

Sommer Snow Temperature Sensor (PT100)

Highly durable platinum resistance temperature detector type Pt100 with four-wir...

Snow Sliding Sensor

The sensor SGE-20 enables the measurement of the sliding movement of the snow, w...

Sommer Snow Temperature Profile Sensor SCA

The SCA-sensor measures the temperature in the different layers of the snow pack...

Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor

The USH-8 is an ultrasonic sensor for the precise, continuous and non-contact re...

Snow Scales

Sommer's snow scales (SSG) is a measuring device which measures the snow water e...

Snow Melt Analyser

Sommer's Snow Melt Analyser (SMA) is the ideal measuring solution for snow melt ...

Snow Pack Analyser SPA-2

Sommer's SPA system automatically and continuously records all important paramet...

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