We represent a number of world leading manufacturers of sensors for various environmental applications. 

For practical reasons we cannot list our entire product catalog online. 

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Sensors for measuring barometric pressure.


Add more value to your measured observations with images and/or videos.


Allows measurement of cloud height and vertical visibility.

Ice & Freezing Rain Sensors

Sensors for detecting icing conditions.

Precipitation & Rain Sensors

Mechanical and digital instruments for measuring rain fall.

Present Weather & Visibility Sensors

Sensors for air visibility and precipitation measurements.

Snow Sensors

For measuring snow height, snow density, snow melt, movement of snow, and more.

Soil Water Content Sensors

Sensors measuring the amount of moisture present in soil.

Solar Radiation Sensors

Pyranometers, net radiometers, pyrgeometers, and more.

Temperature Sensors

Thermocouples, thermistors and other instruments for measuring temperature.

Turbidity Sensors

Submersible probes for measuring particle presence in fluids.

Water Conductivity and CTD Sensors

Submersible probes that include water conductivity sensors.

Water Level & Flow Sensors

Pressure transmitters and radar level sensors for water level and flow measurements.

Wind Sensors

Anemometers, wind vanes, ultrasonic sensors.