Battery Banks

A battery bank is the most cost-effective and reliable power storage solution available today. Low DC-voltages enables anyone on site to support and maintain your system without the need for special training, and the modularity of battery systems makes battery banks easy to both deploy and extend.

We supply battery banks in various sizes depending on your needs. From stable low-drain battery systems with service intervals of 12 months or longer, to configurations with very high energy output and built-in redundancy.

Heavy-duty battery bank in secure enclosure

For equipment with greater requirements on power output we can provide large bat...

Insulated battery bank for arctic environment

When deploying in colder environments it is important to keep temperature fluctu...

Battery technology & applications

Lead-acid batteries (VRLA/Gel)

Sealed lead-acid battery technologies such as VRLA and Gel are most commonly used since they offer a good price/perfomance ratio and safer handling than regular lead-acid batteries. VRLA and GEL batteries can be placed in any direction except upside-down which enables optimal configurations even for tight spaces. These batteries can be had in both high short-term power output and lower long-term output with low self-discharge characteristics. Available in capacities from less than one to several hundred Ah per battery.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries

Lithium iron phostphate batteries are the best choice when longevity and long service intervals are required. They have greater chemical stability than traditional batteries and can maintain a good level of charging for atleast 12 months. Combined with good protection circutry the LiFePO4 technology is a great combination for solar powered deployments in remote locations.

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