Young Heated Ultrasonic Anemometer

Features thermostatically controlled heaters in transducer and housing surfaces for deployment in cold climates.

Young Marine Ultrasonic Anemometer

High performance and low power consumption in a compact size, ideal for the most demanding wind sensing applications.

Young ResponseONE Ultrasonic Anemometer

A compact ultrasonic anemometer with IP66-rated construction.

ResponseONE Weather Transmitter

A single instrument for measuring wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity.

Tipping Bucket Raingauge

A popular choice for measuring precipitation according to WMO standards.

Young Ultrasonic Anemometer

A low power, compact 2D ultrasonic anemometer with both analog and digital output options.

Young Wind Monitor

High-performance, rugged wind speed sensor integrated with a lightweight wind vane.

Young Heavy Duty Wind Monitor

Heavy duty version of the popular Wind Monitor series, featuring a long-life ceramic bearing.

Young Wind Monitor Heavy Duty Alpine

Robust, reliable, durable. The toughest Wind Monitor available.

Young Wind Monitor Marine

An accurate and reliable wind sensor specifically designed for the rigors of the marine environment.