Thies Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D

Thies Ultrasonic anemometers allow the measurement of quickly changing wind parameters thanks to their acoustic measuring principle. Gust- and peak-values are acquired inertia-free with the highest precision.

The Ultrasonic 2D is available in many different configurations, where the main differences between variants are the heating level. 
Has heating only of the sensor arms, drawing typically 80 watts when heating. 
Has has heating of the arms plus the ultrasonic transducers, drawing typically 80 watts when heating. 
This is the fully heated, "arctic" version where the arms, transducers and main body are all heated. This sensor draws about 280 watts when heating.

If you are considering deploying a system on a location with very cold weather (such as the northern parts of Scandinavia) we recommend adding structural heating to the sensor mounting tube and boom so that the mast boom profile is maintained year-round and unaffected by ice build-up.