Thies First Class Wind Direction Transmitter

The Thies First Class Wind Direction Transmitter is a popular choice for meteorological measurement systems. It provides high measurement accuracy and resolution while maintaining a low power consumption. 

Its anodised aluminium body has built-in heating of up to 25 Watts at 24 VDC to keep the shaft and bearings from freezing in colder weather. 

The Thies FC Wind Vane can be ordered in many different configurations:

Low Power Instrument With digital output (Thies serial-synchronous)

Potentiometer output without protective circuit

Digital output RS 485

Potentiometer output with protective circuit
Analogue output

Low Power Instrument With digital output (Thies serial-synchronous), without heating

Potentiometer output without protective circuit, without heating

Potentiometer output with protective circuit, without heating
Analogue output, without heating

If you are considering deploying a system on a location with very cold weather (such as the northern parts of Scandinavia) it is a good idea to combine this sensor with an arctic version of the Thies Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D or Thies Ultrasonic Anemometer 3D which have heating options of up to 360 W.

We also recommend adding structural heating to the sensor mounting tube and boom so that the mast boom profile is maintained year-round and unaffected by ice build-up.