Thies First Class Advanced Anemometer

The Thies First Class Advanced anemometer is the only mechanical wind sensor we sell that meets all requirements of the IEC 61400-12-1 standard for an instrument of the accuracy class 0.5.

It has a digital output and can accurately measure wind speeds of up to 75 m/s with a low starting value and minimal over-speeding. The anodised aluminium body has built-in heating of up to 25 Watts at 24 VDC to keep the shaft and bearings from freezing in colder weather. 

If you are considering deploying a system on a location with very cold weather (such as the northern parts of Scandinavia) it is a good idea to combine this sensor with an arctic version of the Thies Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D or Thies Ultrasonic Anemometer 3D which have heating options of up to 360 W.

We also recommend adding structural heating to the sensor mounting tube and boom so that the mast boom profile is maintained year-round and unaffected by ice build-up.