Insulated battery bank for arctic environment

When deploying in colder environments it is important to keep temperature fluctuations as low as possible to minimise condensation affecting the electrical connections, longevity, and overall performance of the batteries.

We have developed light yet robust battery bank containers with proper insulation and ventilation. Weighing as low as a couple of kilograms they make for easy deployment by foot or land vehicles. 

The thick insulation with closed-cell foam avoids absorbtion of moisture from the air or occational flooding, and keeps the batteries from experiencing rapid changes in temperature. By placing GORE-TEX® membranes in strategic locations we maintain a natural aspiration of the battery bank to prevent build-up of explosive hydrogen gas.

Our insulated battery banks are well suited for systems with low power requirements. Combine the battery bank with renewable energy sources, such as smaller wind turbine or a solar panel array, to achieve a higher short-term power output.