Heavy-duty battery bank in secure enclosure

For equipment with greater requirements on power output we can provide large battery banks in a heavy-duty container. Over the last 10 years our concept has proven its high resistance to vandals and environmental hazards. An added bonus is that it serves as a temporary shelter for technicians on site, especially important on sites with tall masts and ice build-up.

Our most popular configuration in this category is a compact 4 foot shipping container with lead-acid batteries and plenty of room for your own equipment. It is commonly populated a battery bank of at least 700 Ah @ 12 volts and has a lot of flexibility with regards to internal placement of equipment. 

For continous high power output multiple wind turbines and/or solar panel arrays can be fitted to the outside of the container. When seasonal changes in weather presents a problem we can also supply an autonomous diesel generator system with an internal and/or external fuel tank. 

Very large deployments may require an increase of the container or the use of multiple containers. Read more about our largest installation to date, capable of delivering more than 2.3 kW of continuous on power the remote island of Östergarnsholm in the Baltic sea.