Fuel Cell Power Stack

Our Fuel Cell Power Stack is a new power supply solution for deployment in arctic environments where minimum maintenance and reduced pollutants is a requirement. It is able to reliably supply power for atleast 6 months between servicing or maintenance.

The power supply has two fuel cells (EFOY Pro 2400 Duo) for redundant operation, both fueled from a large 330 liter stainless steel tank located at the base. Its sealed construction with a sophisticated ventilation system makes it possible to deploy the Power Stack in regions with heavy snow drift and oversnowing. 

The operation is quiet and CO2 neutral with no toxic exhausts, enabling eddy covariance and greenhouse gas measurement systems to be undisturbed.

It has efficient power converters to minimise losses and can be of course extended with solar panels and wind turbines for even greater redundancy. With the built-in battery pack it enables continuous output of 80 watts, and has a total output capacity of 336 kWh e.g. 50 watts for 10 months before refuelling.

The Fuel Cell Power Pack has been successfully operated in sustained temperatures below -25°C. To combat such extremes it has a dedicated heating system and automatic fail-over between the two fuel cells.