Autonomous Diesel Generator 2 kW

An autonomous power supply is more or less inevitable in our measurement systems since we have to supply power to logger cabinets, aircraft warning lights and heated sensors. While some systems only need solar panels or small wind turbines, most systems need a more powerful and reliable power supply.

The power supply is based on a 2 kW Hatz B20 diesel generator specially designed to withstand both extreme winter cold as well as hot summer days. The battery bank, typically 24 or 48 VDC and 200-400 Ah, can be configured to your specifications to supply power even to the most demanding  measurement systems with heated sensors in arctic climate.

Everything is mounted in a sturdy yet relatively easy to handle container, that offers a good perimeter with robust locking. Our standard configuration has a 360 litre diesel tank and the container floor is customised to prevent any fuel leakage in case of accidents or sabotage.

For installations on sites with limited access the generator can be fitted with an extra large oil sump and a 720 litre tank, in order to extend the operating time between oil changes.

Autonomous Power Supply interior