Campbell Scientific CR6 Measurement & Control Datalogger

The CR6 datalogger is Campbell Scientific's latest flagship featuring low power consumption and even higher accuracy and resolution compared to their previous dataloggers. It is the perfect choice for high-speed measurements where power consumption and stability is important.

The CR6 has flexible power input options and even has a built-in solar panel charge regulator capable of handling up to 1.2 A. It has built-in USB and Ethernet for faster communication, and can be ordered with built-in WiFi. The microSD card slot eliminates the need for external data storage modules and supports up to 16 GB SLC cards.

The new universal (U) terminals can can be configured to allow analogue, digital, or smart measurements to be made from the same screw terminal. For larger systems the datalogger can be extended by attaching CDMs, SDMs, multiplexers and other datalogger expansion modules.

CR6 Front