AQSystem AQ510 Wind Finder

Developed with over 40 years experience of SoDAR measurements, the AQ510 Wind Finder has many new and improved features that has allowed it to become the first remote sensing solution to recieve full IEC Classification for wind measurements. 

Using three fixed horns the AQ510 measures wind speed, wind direction, and turbulence at every 5 meter interval between 40 and 200 meters.

The built-in tilt sensor verifies that the AQ510 is properly leveled, and the speakers are fixed onto a moulded aluminium platform to increase stability and eliminate the risk of incorrect mounting. 

The power consumption is only 15 W when in use, and for colder climates the AQ510 is easily integrated with their heated power pack.

AQ510 in field

Independent test institutes

AQSystem have used several independent test institutes to evaluate their products.

Validations are available for download here:

Technical specifications AQ510

Range (min/max): 40 to 200 m
Height resolution: 5 m
Accuracy: ­± 2 %


Antenna height: 1,2 m
Antenna width: 1,0 m
Weight: 70 kg


Trailer height: 2,7 m
Trailer width: 1,9 m
Trailer length: 4,4 m
Trailer weight: 1 100 kg
Fuel tank size: 200 liter

Environmental limitations

Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
Humidity range: 10% to 100% RH

Calibration and verification

The AQ510 Wind Finder is calibrated in-house by the test department at AQSystem’s factory. 
All systems are also verified against a 100m met mast at AQSystem test site before delivery.